Yuxin Fire Review

Yuxin Fire




Corner Cutting


Catching and Lock Ups


Actual Solving



  • Affordable Price
  • Light Weight
  • Decent out of the box


  • Bad corner cutting
  • Slow turning speed
  • Corner twisting

The Yuxin Fire is the second 3×3 speed cube of the Yuxin brand and it comes at a very affordable price point. It’s simple design is reminiscent of older speed cubes that were quite good at that time. Initially the Yuxin Fire felt smooth but really slow. I did around 100 plus solves with the speed cube and decided to loosened the tensions a bit which increased speed a little. After another 100 solves I decided to wipe out the factory lube and apply some 10k Traxxas silicone lube. At this point the speed cube was quite broken in and tensions were ideal.


Yuxin_Fire_8Turning can be described to be smooth. With that said you get quite a lot of control when executing turns. It does take a little bit of effort in turning layers but it is isn’t that hard compared to other speed cubes. I have put the tensions quite loose but it still the case. You can also hear slight clicking through the turns which is a characteristic of fast and light speed cubes.



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Corner Cutting:

Yuxin_Fire_7Corner cutting on this speed cube is not so good. You will really feel corner cuts happen on this speed cube. You will feel some resistance on a layer turn when it does execute corner cutting. You will specially notice reverse corner cutting with a distinct clack sound. When layers are turned to extremely this speed cube will fail to corner cut which will disrupt the flow of your solve.

Catches and Lock ups:

Yuxin_Fire_9Corner twisting is really apparent on this speed cube. I have set the tensions rather loose but not fully loose and corner will twist easily. It’s good to see that the bad corner cutting of this speed cube doesn’t cause it to lock up but it just stops you from turning the layer. Catching does happen but they are very small and doesn’t really disrupt solving. These small catches occur due to the fact that the Yuxin Fire takes quite a bit of effort to turn which will make layers fall short from alignment.



Yuxin_Fire_6The Yuxin Fire has a smooth quite controllable turning style. This smoothness has compromised speed as this speed cube is rather slow. It does take quite a bit of effort to turn the layers which can cause layers to sometimes fall short of alignment which will cause small catches. The corner cutting on this speed cube is quite bad. The smooth turning style will forgives bad corner cutting slightly but the slow turning will not.

The Yuxin Fire isn’t very good although it isn’t horribly bad. The Yuxin Fire can be described as spectacularly average which won’t be compared to the top speed cubes today although solving with the Yuxin Fire can still quite enjoyable. At a very affordable price the Yuxin Fire is a great speed cube for beginners who want to start speed cubing or are still learning.

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