Yuxin 5×5 Review

Yuxin 5x5




Corner Cutting


Catching and Lock Ups


Actual Solving



  • Amazingly Smooth Turning
  • Gets really fast times
  • Hard Case/Piggy Bank is really helpful
  • Price is very affordable


  • Lock Ups can ruin solves
  • Layer turns can feel a little sluggish

The Yuxin 5×5 comes in the conventional stickered black and white version and also comes in a sticker less variant, which was the version used by Feliks Zemdegs to break the world record for 5×5 single and average . It comes inside a hard plastic box which has a slit on top which can be used as a coin bank if you like. (I prefer to protect my cubes so this box/case is really awesome). The stickered version comes in the full bright scheme similar to Moyu cubes and has a tiny logo in the middle, which doesn’t rub off as easily as Moyu Cubes.

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Yuxin_5x5_9The first thing that you will notice about this 5×5 speed cube is “SMOOTH” This is by far the smoothest 5×5 speed cube to date. As a matter of fact it’is probably the smoothest big cube to date. Initial turning feels a little gummy and a little slow. This is mainly due to the factory lube which is a bit excessive but after several solves, this feeling goes away slightly. I had to wash and the pieces out with warm soapy water to get the factory lube out.

The Yuxin 5×5 needs to be tensioned a little bit, lube and broken in. After this you will get such smooth turning. Smooth turning equals smooth solving which means that you won’t get lock ups and catching since layer turns are very precise and well executed.

Corner Cutting

Yuxin_5x5_8Corner cutting isn’t noticeable and that fact is really quite good. The ideal speed cube should corner cut so well that you will hardly notice that it did execute a corner cut. Corner cutting is good on this speed cube also really because of how smooth it turns. Since the Yuxin 5×5 has such smooth and precise turns you don’t really need to have extreme corner cutting capabilities.



Catching and Lock Ups

Yuxin_5x5_1There is none… most of the time. When the Yuxin 5×5 is new, not broken in yet or you aren’t accustomed to it yet there is a significant amount of catching and locking. Such as smooth speed cube does get some getting used to and since. After this period you will notice that locking and catching will slowly disappear. At very rare occasions when the corner cut is just too extreme and a lot of pressured is applied this speed cube will absolutely lock up. I mean lockup that will ruin your solves, where you will choose to DNF since fixing it will add up to 10 seconds or more to your time.


Yuxin_5x5_5With such smooth turning layer this speed cube is not just the smoothest turning 5×5 speed cube but one of the smoothest turning speed cubes out there. Smooth turning cubes often are more controllable but sacrifice speed which is obvious with the Yuxin 5×5.

Corner cutting is good but it really isn’t needed because of the amazing smooth layer turns. Catching and locking does exist but only for a short period of time when the Yuxin 5×5 is new and still not tensioned, lubed and broken in yet. There are those times that this 5×5 locks up real bad, but that makes up roughly 1% of all solves.

The Yuxin company decided that “smoothness” is the number one ingredient to make one of the best 5×5 speed cubes. Feliks Zemdegs beat the Official WR for 5×5 with the Yuxin. You’ll probably not beat his world record but be prepared to beat your personal records with the Yuxin 5×5.


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