YJ GuanLong Review

The YJ GuanLong was quite interesting as a speed cube since it is made by Moyu which have been producing some of the best speed cubes today and also the main point of interest was the very affordable price. Out of the box the speed cube had a very light weight and turning can be described as light with a scratchy feeling. Although once broken in, tensioned and lube the YJ GaunLong shows its true colors.

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Turning and speed:

yjguanlong - boxcubepiecesThe YJ Guanlong has a very strange turning characteristic. Out of the box it seems quite light and had a scratchy feeling. Although once broken in it has a smoother turning characteristic. Out of the box the YJ GuanLong felt quite light similar to the lightness of a Fangshi ShuangRen and Dayan Zanchi where little to no effort was needed to turn each layer. This was accompanied by a scratchy feeling, probably resulting from the very new plastic. Corner cutting was not too good with this cube, although at this point it might be due to improper tensions and lack of lubrication.
Plenty of solves later the lightness disappeared and a lot of catching and locking started to arise. This is usually a sign that it does need lubrication and is broken in already, so lubrication was applied. Once the lubrication was applied it did not react well. It was as if the lubrication was not present, this is probably the result of hollow corner pieces. Applying more lubrication did the job and the sides turn much smoother but less light then it did initially did. Tensioning on this speed cube is very tricky. It seems like it is always “loose” which makes it catch and lockup easier. Another problem with this cube is that each sides don’t have equal tensions. Some sides are tighter then others so tension is a real problem with this speed cube. Although once you have perfect tensions, catching and lockups can be reduced and corner cutting will be improved over initial corner cutting.


  • Very Cheap ($6.95)

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  • Feels quite spongy and slow
  • Quite difficult to tension and lube

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yjguanlong - boxcubeIn conclusion this speed cube does not perform very well. Out of the box it doesn’t posses any special turning or speed and unlike other speed cubes after broken in it doesn’t really improved significantly. Corner cutting is not very good and catching and locking is real problem accompanied with a spongy slow feeling which really hits the nail on the head. The only pros of this speed cube is that it is really cheap, although I am afraid that even this cannot outweigh the many cons this speed cube offers. There are much better speed cubes in the same price range as the YJ GuanLong such as the Shengshou Aurora which was featured very highly in the Shengshou Aurora Review


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