X-Man Tornado Review

X-Man Tornado




Corner Cutting


Catching and Lock Ups


Actual Solving



  • Super fast layer turns
  • Easily get those fast times


  • Corner cutting is poor
  • Catches and Lock ups


With such a unique name the X-Man Tornado or Qiyi Tornado is the latest addition in the MoFanGe line of Qiyi speed cubes. It is very similar to the earlier thunderclap in terms of design although it is on the other side of the spectrum in terms of turning. Out of the box you will really notice how fast this speed cube is as opposed to how smooth the Thunderclap was. Layers are very light but corner cutting was horrible given how the tensions felt very loose. I gave the Tornado around 200 solves before opening it up to wipe off factory lube and adjust tensions which were very tricky. I tried adjusting to a looser tension so corner cutting could somehow get better although the screws were too high that the center caps wouldn’t stay on. I did find what seemed to be a balance tightness and corner cutting and lubed the core with 30K Traxxas and the pieces with 10K Traxxas . I did another 100 or so solves of which at that point I can conduct my review.

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X-Man_Tornado_6The X-Man Tornado is really fast and light which really stands out. It has very light turning layers so light that there seems like you don’t need any pressure to turn layers. Turning is very clacky and you can really hear the layers grind and hit against each other, there is no sign of smoothness in the speed cube. Algorithm execution can be done ridiculously fast with the Tornado which results in really fast solves.



Corner Cutting:

X-Man_Tornado_10Corner cutting on the Tornado barely passes. On very loose tensions corner cutting is forgivable with a very loud clack and snap which really tells you that a corner cut has been executed. Aside from a clack and snap you will also feel heavy pressure on layers when it tries to corner cut, this sometimes is a bad thing although in the Tornado it gives it some smoothness which gives you some control.



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Catches and Lock ups:

X-Man_Tornado_12The Tornado likes to catch on pieces and lockup. When I say lockups I don’t mean where it gets jammed up, I mean that since corner cutting is poor layers will just stop and won’t turn because it is caught up on another layer turn. The speed cube also feels very loose which is a characteristic that results in a lot of catching and lock ups.




X-Man_Tornado_9The X-Man Tornado is really fast and algorithms can be executed in lightning speed. With a lot of speed and lightness means that control is thrown out the window although in a very strange way this speed cube still gives you control so overshooting is kept lessened but still present. Poor corner cutting is a delightful flaw with the Tornado because it is the one that gives it some smoothness and control during layer turns. Sad to say though that the corner cutting doesn’t forgive this speed cube from being super fast. Corner cutting disrupts solves and just doesn’t make solving this speed cube enjoyable. It’s a shame because with improved corner cutting and some smoothness, the X-Man Tornado could be one of the best speed cubes today.

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