Weilong GTS Review

Moyu Weilong GTS




Corner Cutting


Catching and Lock Ups


Actual Solving



  • Minimal friction between layers
  • Layers turn very fast
  • Minimal effort to turn layers


  • Catches and Lockups can get bad
  • Can feel untogether or too loose

It might be obvious to think that the predecessor of the new Weilong GTS would be the first Weilong although I realized that that’s not the case. The first Weilong came out in June 2013 followed by a Version 2 in January 2014. In April 2014 the Aolong came out which was an improved version of the Weilong technically making it the Weilong V3. The Aolong V2 should then be the Weilong V4 and then the Aolong GT which can be the Weilong V5. So technically the predecesor of the all new Weilong GTS is actually the Aolong GT and not the Weilong. Anyway, this stuff is not really important. Let’s talk about the speed cube already.

The first thing I noticed just by looking at the Weilong GTS was the stickers, which are bright shades which I prefer although it did have a small white border which is maybe the result of bad cutting. Next was the center pieces which are extended underneath, you can really see this through the holes to the corner of the center pieces. Taking apart the cube and looking at the core it is wise to say that it adopts the octacore design of the Gans 356 puzzles and the corner pieces have unique tracks on them. Finally, the box is very different and does look very neat although unlike the Gans 356, 356s it is just for display and doesn’t really protect the puzzle which is a shame.


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Moyu_Weilong_GTS_16Out of the box I hated the Weilong GTS. I like throwing and flicking around layers during algorithms and solves so I really didn’t like how this speed cube had very light and fast turning layers plus the puzzle itself had no weight to it. This lead to overshooting and under rotations which leads to catches and lock ups all the time. It wasn’t that hard to break in the Weilong GTS and after 372 solves I took it apart and wiped off the factory lube re-tensioned and re-lubed it. After I did this the Weilong GTS became more manageable and quite interestingly it actually changed my speed cubing for the better. Read on to learn how that happened.


Moyu_Weilong_GTS_5The Weilong GTS has the same super fast and light turning feeling like the original Weilong. The Weilong GTS has a couple of characteristics that make it have really light weight turning layers that needs little to no pressure to turn. The first which is the most obvious is that the puzzle itself is very light weight. Second is that it feels a little bit loose or untogether which is very similar to the Gans 356S. Third is that the plastic material used on the Weilong GTS seems a bit harder then other speed cubes, this along with the second characteristic provides very little friction between layers. Looking past how fast and light turning is it does have a very faint light crunchy feeling which gives it some sort of smoothness and resistance which still gives the speed cube some control.

Corner Cutting:

Moyu_Weilong_GTS_14This speed cube comes a bit short on the corner cutting department. When the Weilong GTS cuts corners you will really notice it with a distinct “snap”. When it comes to a smaller corner cut you will feel that the layers will actually move slower since the layer is dragging on to another. This shouldn’t be much of a worry since corner cutting doesn’t creep up that often, which is a surprise given how fast and light the Weilong GTS is. However when it does happen you can expect it to be as small as layers slowing down during turns and as annoying as layers catching and getting stuck on each other.


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Catching and Lock ups:

Moyu_Weilong_GTS_15If there is one thing you took away from the Turning section is that the Weilong GTS is very light and fast and speed cubes like this you can expect overshooting and under rotating which of course leads to catching and lockups. This is evident by the weak corner cutting this speed cube has which, on extreme cases, will give you lock ups that will ruin your solve. Since the speed cube itself feels very loose and untogether layers tend to get really misaligned and will result in a very bad lock up which will really ruin your solve.




At this point you’re probably thinking that I’m going to say the the Weilong GTS is not any good. Super fast and light turning leads to overshooting and under rotating leads to catches and lock ups not to mention the poor corner cutting which leads to even more lock ups. This is all true, BUT somehow the Weilong GTS gives me very fast times, not only are my times fast they are consistent as well. I can really say this because I got my PB (Personal Best) Average of 12 while testing the Weilong GTS. I broke sub-12 average with an 11.51 second average of 12, thinking this might be a fluke I got a 12.00 second average 12 later on, which is my second PB.

Moyu_Weilong_GTS_9There are two reasons why I got my PB average of 12. The first is an improved look ahead. I like throwing around or flicking layers during algorithms, this is the common thinking where you think you can get faster times simply by executing every turn really fast. This of course gets you slower times because you loose look ahead. Since the Weilong GTS has such light turning I can’t flick or throw around layers because that would overshoot or under rotate so I really have to guide each layer into place which really improved my lookahead. The second reason is consistency. You probably haven’t though of it but speed cubing is actually tiring on your hands and fingers, which is why you might be faster towards the beginning of an average of 12 or an entire session. The lightweight turning and puzzle itself allows means that you get tired quickly resulting in more consistent solves one after another.

The Moyu Weilong GT really should be a bad speed cube however what I though were bad characteristics such as super light turning layers is really actually really good and what actually improved my speed cubing. I would recommend the Moyu Weilong GTS for beginner speed cubes so they can learn right from the start that look ahead instead of blindly turning layers really fast is what gets you fast times.

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  • April 29, 2017 at 4:05 am



    Corner Cutting


    Catching and Lock Ups


    Actual Solving


    Out of the box, it was way too locky and unstable and feels like a budget cube to me, yes, a Guanlong. Corner cutting was 45 degress with little effort. I do not recommend this cube unless you want to magnetize it. At first, I really disliked the cube but after magnetizing it, it is a potential main worthy, lockup as disappeared and way more stable.


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