T-Minus One Speed Cube Oil Review

When talking about lubrication the number one thing that comes into mind to us speed cubers is silicone. Although there is one company that has come out with speed cube lubrication that claim that “It contains no silicone or petroleum distillates.” We all know that petroleum based lubes are bad but a speed cube lube with no petroleum and silicone is a little bit strange. Let’s take a closer look at the T-Minus One Speed Cube Oil by cubiteria.

Based on their website, they claim that their “oil” only provides the advantages of both petroleum based lubes and silicone lubes. It last as long as petroleum based lubes but without the negative effects of dissolving the plastic. It also lubricates as well as silicone lubes but with the “sticking and drying out.”

From their description the main feature that sticks out to me is that it will lubricate your speed cube for a long time without the need for reapplication. If this is true does it mean that the price of $14.00 is justified? We’ll have to find out.

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t-minus-one-oil-dianma-cubeWhat I did/How I tested it:

I used a fresh MoYu Dianma to test out this lube. I first did a couple of averages of 12 without any lubrication. Just to get to a point where I got used to the speed cube and where I really feel like I needed lubrication to get faster. This will allow me to fully analyze the effect of the lubrication.

It’s mentioned on their site that a few drops in the core of your speed cube is all that is needed, however I applied the lubrication the way I’m used to as shown on the video of CrazyBadCuber.


The T-Minus One Speed Cube Oil came in a small grey colored bottle which was wrapped in plastic. The bottle didn’t have a good seal which made some of the oil leak and made it quite messy when opening up the plastic. Upon inspecting the oil, it had a charcoal color to it and looking closer it had some black sediments or powder floating around. Shaking the bottle mixes it up and gives it a black color.

t-minus-one-oil-dripMy first impression of the effect of the speed cube lubrication wasn’t very good. It gave a gummy and rubbery feeling to the speed cube. Solving wasn’t really enjoyable initially, although I kept on solving. After a while I noticed that the gummy feeling and sluggishness were slowly going away. After several more averages of 12 the sluggish and rubbery feeling did go away but only to some extent. I had to loosen the tensions for me to get really comfortable and happy with the way the speed cube feels. The Moyu Dianma is now faster and has that “clacky” feeling that I really like about speed cubes. I can still feel the gummy feeling because I have the Dianma on very loose tensions but the lube still holds it together. It does lubricate the speed cube but sadly I feel that it can still be a little faster.
I have tested the T-Minus One Lube on several speed cubes, that vastly range in terms of plastic and turning feeling. Some of these cubes include the Dayan Zanchi, Shengshou Aurora and the Maru CX3. You don’t have to be familiar with each of these cubes to know that they will naturally feel and turn differently. The T-Minus One speed cube oil predictably had different effects and results for each of these cubes. The Shengshou Aurora being very smooth and fluid didn’t react well and became slower and more rubbery, while the Dayan Zanchi behaved well by reducing some overshooting and slowing it down just a little bit.

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t-minus-one-oil-pieceI estimate that I have solved the cube for roughly 500 times after my initial application of the the lube and I must say that you still can feel the lubrication in there. The Dianmas construction with it’s semi hollow edges makes for less surface area for lubrication to stick on so this speed cube will go through lubrication faster then others. Being a new speed cube adds to the fact that it should dry up lubrication faster. (An update will made in a few week’s to see if the lubes longevity)

At $15.00 for a bottle is almost double to other silicone lubes on the market. Although, if his speed cube oil really promises long lasting effects, this small bottle might last twsice as long as the other silicone lubes or even more.


As lubrication the T-Minus One, after a lot of solves, does the job. It is on the more gummier side and is a bit slower compared to other silicone lubes. This might be good for really fast and light speed cubes that have problems with overshooting but not so with fluid and smoother turning speed cubes.

t-minus-one-oil-uncappedIn terms of it’s long lasting effect, as of now I can’t make a solid conclusion, the lubrication is still effective and from what I am noticing now, the initial lube may last quite a long time.

The T-Minus one speed cube oil is definitely not for everyone, which is not surprising because each speed cuber has different preferences when it comes to speed cubes. If you are a speed cuber that like really fast and lights speed cubes and find that overshooting can sometimes be a problem then you might really like the T-minus one speed cube oil.

The price can be a real deal breaker, but for now I still have to find out if really does last longer then other silicone lubes on the market. If it does live up to the promise of being longer lasting then other silicone lubes would you choose to sacrifice a little turning speed for having to lube less often having more solves in between lubrication?

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