Speed cubing then and now

It was 2007 when I made this video of me comparing a DIY cube to a non DIY cube. This was at the time that I first got started in cubing and this was my first non store bought speed cube. Back then this was really the only speed cube available and even though the Rubik’s brand DIY cube isn’t really good in today’s standards, it was the best speed cube back then.

The Rubik’s DIY cube was just a store bought cube but with the ability to adjust the tensions. This is what I was presenting in the video – the ability to corner cut. The ability to corner cut back then was so impressive that it was the only benchmark for a good speed cube, of course another factor of those speed cubes were popping because the looser the tensions the more it would pop.

Today there are so many options. With many companies starting to make speed cubes now the level of speed cubes today are so much better then how they were before. Even though there was only so few options for speed cubes back then, everything about speed cubing was so much more simple.

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