Speed Cube Lubrication

The best speed cube can never be called the best speed cube without proper lubrication. Speed cube lubrication is very important and really make a speed cube move smoother with less effort then if it was not lubricated.

There are several lubricants that are suited for speed cubes. These lubricants are silicone based lubricants because speed cubes are made out of plastic. Oil based lubricants are made for metal application and if used on plastic will melt or dissolve the plastic, so stay away from oil based lubricants, such WD-40 and Vaseline (petroleum jelly).

Here are a list of suitable silicone lubricants for your speed cube.

**Table updated on April 7 2015**

CRC 05074 Heavy Duty Silicone Multi-Use Lubricant - 7.5 Wt Oz.

JIG-A-LOO Invisible All Around Lubricant 3oz Spray
Lubix 8cc Puzzle Lubricant

T-Minus One Speed Cube Oil
Traxxas 5137 Differential Oil, 50K Weight


Go for Silicon Oil type lubricants
I would recommend to go for silicone oil type lubricants for several reasons. First reason is that silicone spray type lubricants are very thin and fluid, which means they would dry up faster which means you would have to lubricate your speed cube more often. Second is that silicone oil type lubricants are so much more better then the old silicone spray lubricants. Since it is “oily” it is thicker and would take a long time to dry up so an application of lubrication would last very long. Another reason it is better is that it give the speed cube a much more smoother turning without sacrificing speed. Silicone oil type lubricants are what most speed cubers use today.

Lubix Lubricant

Lubix Cube Lubricant

When Lubix arrived on the market it did very well, since speed cubers were mainly using silicone spray type lubricants. It gave speed cubes a much more smoother feel while still making movement very fast. It was made specifically for speed cube lubrication and comes in a syringe style applicator which makes lubrication very easy and fast.


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Traxxas 50k Diff Oil

Traxxas 50K Weight Lubricant

This Lubricant is made for RC car differential gears but is amazing with speed cubes. It comes in 50k which is the measurement of density or thickness. Like Lubix it gives speed cubes a smoother feel while making movements very fast.



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Which is better?

Neither of the two are better then the other, these two are essentially the same and are equally amazing in making a speed cube perform well. The determinant you should consider when deciding between the two is the price. You can see on the chart that Lubix is $21.99 and Traxxas is $7.99, there is an $14 difference. $14 is already a huge difference but the difference is actually bigger, Traxxas is $7.99 for 50CC while Lubix is $21.99 for 2CC, this is crazy!  Why should you pay more for the same stuff? Save your money and get the Traxxas 50k Diff Oil.

Traxxas 50K Weight Lubricant

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4 thoughts on “Speed Cube Lubrication

  • February 20, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    I get team associated which is crazy cheap

    • April 6, 2014 at 11:03 pm

      doesn’t matter which diff oil you get. different weight oil will also give you different performance in the car and in the cubes. I used high weight diff oil and it made the cube better, I just think that lower weight would be better. Its just a matter of opinion though.

  • May 13, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    If you like crazy fast turns use the spray silicone as it runs easily causing very little resistance to turning. Spray some on a part and hold it up and the excess will run down and drip off quickly. If over turning is a problem (because it can actually slow you down) use the Traxxas type oil. It doesn’t run off as quickly. So, being a little thicker you will be less likely to over turn. The higher the Traxxas number the thicker the oil (think slower turns). Traxxas makes a 10K oil which is a lot lighter than the suggested 50K. I use the Traxxas 10K oil. I can’t flick a layer and have it spin like you could with a spray silicone. But a finger push moves a layer easily as far as I push it and no more.

    • May 14, 2014 at 6:22 am

      Very valuable info here. Thanks for sharing this netracer7.


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