Shengshou Aurora Review

Here is the Shengshou Aurora that has an extremely smooth and controllable turning. Corner cutting is good with absolutely no problem of popping and minimal to no locking and catching. Discover more about this speed cube in this Shengshou Aurora Review.

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 Turning and speed:

shengshou aurora - boxpiecesoutSmooth is the word that best describes the Shengshou Auroras turning. Each layer glides along silently and very consistently. The remarkable smoothness of this speed cube guarantees great control during algorithm executions and solves. Due to it’s smoothness the Shengshou Aurora totally eliminates and catching of layers because there will be no misalignment happening. At the rare occurrence that a layer is misaligned the good corner cutting abilities on this cube will handle it easily. The corner cutting on the Aurora is good, you will still feel the corner cuts although because this cube is so smooth it handles it very gracefully and will not interrupt the flow of your algorithms. In terms of speed, the Aurora is not very fast. It has a bit of a mushy feeling and quite sluggish.
This speed cube is very good out of the box, it seems to be already broken in because how it still performs just as good a hundred average of 12s later. This speed cube came tensioned properly although loosening the tensions a bit can really help with corner cutting.


  • shengshou aurora - piecesVery smooth layer turns that glide with very consistent resistance which give 100% control.
  • Great performance out of the box and no breaking in required.
  • On the cheaper spectrum of speed cubes available on the market

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  • shengshou aurora - rightCan feel sluggish and mushy which making it quite a slow turning speed cube.
  • There is quite a bit of resistance in turning layers


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shengshou aurora - boxcubeThe Shengshou Aurora really shines with how smooth its layers turn. This smoothness has even helped out the layer catching and corner cutting abilities which really highlights this speed cubes performance. The best thing about its smoothness is that it gives the speed cuber such control when executing algorithms during solves. Control over layer turns is very important in keeping the flow of a solve consistent for better look ahead and recognition. This is evident in speed cubers with a slow turning style.
However speed is sacrificed on this speed cube although great control and smoothness will cater to two types of speed cubers such as slow turners and beginners where speed isn’t what they’re looking for and can actually be an enemy. Compared to most speed cubes on the market the Shengshou Aurora is very cheap and for the performance it brings to the table right out of the box, this speed cube is extremely a good value for your money.

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