Qiyi Thunderclap V2 Review

Qiyi Thunderclap V2




Corner Cutting


Catching and Lock Ups


Actual Solving



  • You get lots of control, sometimes too much
  • Expect to get fast times


  • Poor corner cutting leading to catches and pops
  • Too much resistance between layers causes a lot of problems

The Qiyi Thunderclap V2 is the second version of the original Qiyi Thunderclap or repackaged Newisland Phoenix. There is a drastic change in packaging between the first and second version because unlike it’s predecessor which includes a carrying pouch the second version comes with a hard case. In my opinion I really like the hard case which differs from other cases because it has smooth rounded corners and edges. I personally think that all speed cubes should be packaged like this.

Unlike the first version though the Thunderclap V2 was not too bad out of the box. It felt very dry and really felt blocky. I immediately notice that it is a little bit slow and takes some effort to turn layers. After around 200 solves I decided that I couldn’t handle how slow and hard to turn it was so I opened. After opening it up I was set on re-tensioning and lubing but I discovered that there was actually factory lube in there so I just wiped it off and re lubed with Calvin’s Lube which is my favorite lube because it is very light and makes cubes very fast. With proper lube the V2 is now faster but still had that resistance so I decided to loosen it as well.

qiyi_thunderclapv2_6Finding the right tensions on the Thunderclap V2 is very strange because while it still feels quite tight it is actually very loose already. I didn’t like how slow and hard to turn it was so naturally I loosened the speed cube. I loosened it to the point where layers turn somewhat faster but the cube didn’t feel loose. The only indicator of how loose it was is that it would just pop out of nowhere. So I had to find the right spot where it was not so fast and a little slow and not popping a whole lot.


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There is quite a bit of resistance between layers which results in a slower turning speed cube although gives you quite a bit of control during solves. During very controlled or slower turning solves you can really feel that this speed cube is quite smooth. It has a distinct clacky feeling but not because it has very hard material but because the resistance once again makes pieces catch which causes a unique clacky sound and feeling.

Corner Cutting:

qiyi_thunderclapv2_10When you try and test corner cutting on speed cubes you usually do the whole, turn layer 45 degree and see how it cuts. This is good and all but it doesn’t really test actual corner cutting abilities during solves. With the 45 degree turning test the Thunderclap V2 does really well but when it comes to actual solves the Thunderclap V2 doesn’t corner cut as good as it seems. The added resistance makes corner cutting suffer and will make pieces catch. The loud clacky sound is actually the result of this poor corner cutting.

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Catching and Lockups:

qiyi_thunderclapv2_8As already mentioned in the two sections above the added resistance and the poor corner cutting which is caused by the resistance will cause a lot of catching. The added resistance also cause quite a lot of under rotating(opposite of overshooting) which causes a disrupt in flow and sometimes popping.  Best case scenario which is for every solve this catching will just simply cause a clacky feeling and sound but worse case scenario will cause lock ups and even popping. – under rotating



qiyi_thunderclapv2_7The Thunderclap V2 from this point of the review really looks bad. Although there are really good points about the Thunderclap V2 like the abundance of control which gets you fast times. Fast times are really good but fast times with consistency is much better. The Thunderclap V2 has a little bit too much resistance between layers which causes so many problems. Under rotating, catching, lock ups and popping, and tired fingers. These negative points are really hard to ignore and really holds back the Thunderclap V2.

The second versions usually is expected to do better, sadly the Thunderclap V2 didn’t exceed the performance of its predecessor.

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  • December 4, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Very good I like this speed cube


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