The Pyraminx as its name suggest is 4 sided puzzle with a pyrmid shape. The puzzle was invented by Uwe Meffert well before the Erno Rubik’s cube but only produced after the success of the Rubik’s cube. The pyraminx takes much less time to solve the the 2x2x2 cube and is lots of fun.

There are a few Pyraminx puzzles on the market today. The original brand being Mefferts, other brands include QJ and Shengshou. All these puzzles are great however the Shengshou stands out.

Shengshou Pyraminx

Turning: Smooth and Consistent
Pops: No Pops
Lock Ups: Doesn’t Lock Up
Price: Click here to check prices on


The Shengshou Pyraminx has a mechanism which incorporates a bearing between each layers, this results in clicking during turns. This clicking however doesn’t get in the way of smooth and consistent turning. This also guarantees accurate and complete turns so lock ups and pops are practically non existent with this puzzle. Corner cutting does exist in the Shengshou Pyraminx so this puzzle will easily manage rare occurrences of  incomplete turns. To put the icing on the cake, the Shengshou Pyraminx have gorgeous stickers. They are bright and vibrant and are made with great material that will last a long time.



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