Moyu Weilong Review

The Moyu Weilong has fast turning layers with a blocky and crunchy feeling. This speed cube is has very good corner cutting but may lock up due to its turning speed. Continue reading this Moyu Weilong review to learn more about this speed cube.

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Turning and speed:

moyuweilong - boxcubepiecesThe Moyu Weilong is a very fast turning speed cube. This is the most obvious feature that this speed cube has. Each layer turns very eagerly with very little force needed. The turning feeling is quite similar with the Dayan Zanchi with a “clack clack” sound and a very crispy feeling. This feature initially is very good since theoretically it can achieve faster algorithm executions hence faster solves. Although, this feature makes this speed cube quite difficult to control.

The lack of control with this speed cube leads to layers catching. Layer catching isn’t a result from the poor internal mechanism, in fact the anti popping mechanism is very good and you are guaranteed not see pops on this speed cube. The lack of control and the light turning causes overshooting and mis aligned layers which then leads to catching and a interruption of flow while solving. One thing that I noticed with this speed cube is that adjustment is quite difficult, where the corners seem to very loose compared to the edges. This results in a inconsistent layer turn resistance which can disrupt algorithm execution very minimally.

Corner cutting on this cube is far from excellent but it’s decent. Corner cutting abilities shouldn’t be based on how many degrees of a mis aligned layer it can cut but how it handles it where a good corner cutting cube would handle it without disruption to the solve and a bad corner cutting cube will totally disrupt the solve. With the Moyu Weilong you will definitely feel how the light force change into quite an effort during corner cutting. Since the layers turn so lightly when layer are aligned, the force needed will change very drastically when layers are mis aligned.


  • moyuweilong - piecesThe Moyu Weilong is fast and with a fast speed cube you will see fast times.
  • Very little resistance of layer turns means that your algorithm executions will rely entirely on muscle memory giving you more concentration on look ahead.

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  • moyuweilong - rightLack of control will cause issues such as layers catching.
  • Feels a little bit flimsy due to the tensioning issues.
  • This cube is expensive, while not being the most expensive it is up there on the price spectrum.

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moyuweilong - boxcubeThe Moyu Weilong has many faults like the layer catching and how easily you may notice corner cutting during solves, although these two issues aren’t a deal breaker since they can be overcome by getting more used to the cube and really dialing in with the perfect tensions. This is the reason why so many great speed cubers have broken official records with this speed cube.
Although it is not for all speed cubers, slow turners and beginners in particular. Slow turners prefer smoother cubes with some resistance to really feel every layer turn. Beginners tend to exaggerate and like to go turbo on every single turn which will surely lead to overshooting and misalignment leading to catching and more importantly won’t allow them to concentrate on look ahead.
The Moyu Weilong is undoubtedly a very fast cube that may give you your PB, but if you’re not at the level where you have all the Friedrich (CFOP) algorithms perfectly and got you’re look ahead on lock down the Moyu Weilong will chop your head off! but if you trying to get sub 12 seconds on your average of 12s then the Moyu Weilong just might get you that PB.

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2 thoughts on “Moyu Weilong Review

  • January 24, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    Hey, I know you said this isn’t for beginners, but I want a cube that won’t limit me when im advanced but im a beginner for the moment. Mastered beginners method, pb is 1:03 and averaging 1:20. Any suggestions? Atm I’m thinking Weilong/Weilong V2, Aolong V2, Dayan Zhanchi, Qiyi Thunderclap. These seem all attractive, though the aolong v2 pricetag is a bit too high for me. Weilong is only 8 bucks and weilong v2 too. Any suggestions (again)? Thanks a lot I will appreciate it a lot.

    • January 24, 2016 at 8:25 pm

      I got F2L algorithms on paper, and then last layer too. Whaddaya think?


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