Moyu Weilong GTS V2 Review

Moyu Weilong GTS V2




Corner Cutting


Catching and Lock Ups


Actual Solving



  • Fast and light turning makes for lightning speed.
  • Corner cutting is just excellent
  • A hint of smoothness gives you just enough control.
  • You will get fast times and averages.


  • Can catch if you are too rough on your turning.
  • Can feel a little bit loose.

Here comes the Moyu Weilong GTS V2 which is the Nth version of the very popular Weilong which was originally release on April 15 2016. When I reviewed the first version of the Weilong GTS, it did have some very good qualities, although it has some flaws aswell which made me not like it very much.

The GTS V2 comes in a fancy packaging similar to the first version although unlike the first one it’s so much easier to open and close. I notice that puzzle companies are putting in some more though in packaging now. It seems like Moyu have gone with the design theme of the Valk3 although instead of lifting off a cover, the GTS V2 has a flap which when closed is locked by a magnet. Similar to the Valk3 again, it has two cards displaying Moyus social media sites and some dude who is apparently part of team Moyu. Underneath everything you will find an instruction manual that I don’t think anyone opens up anymore.

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Out of the Box

Out of the box the Moyu Weilong GTS V2 performed really well already. There isn’t much to say about how it changed in performance because it stayed really consistent all throughout process of breaking in. Of Course out of the box it was fast and light but with much smoothness. This stands out a lot and I notice that the plastic material is a bit softer which gives it that smoothness. I notice the blocky feeling and the size is on the smaller side so that needs a little to getting used to.

Around 10 averages of 12 I can feel that the Weilong GTS V2 is already broken in and I felt confident to do an average of 50. I did more averages of 12 and nothing really changes with performance or nothing really bad creeps up. At about the 50th average of 12 I notice that the smoothness disappeared a little bit and I get more catching and overshooting. At this point I figured I needed to relube, so I wiped off the factory lube which turned a little gummy, and I added some 10k Traxxas lube which was perfect because I got back that smoothness I initially had but I feel like I have more control now. I probably did 10 more averages of 12 and it felt so much better than it was initially. At this point I was very confident to begin my review.


1. Turning

The Moyu Weilong GTS V2 is without a doubt a fast and light turning speed cube. Very fast and light speed cubes with hard plastic will usually have a very loud and clacky turning sound. The GTS V2 has a muffled version of this sound, the best way I can describe it is a slushy sound. It is probably almost identical with the first version. I can that there is no resistance what so ever between layers which makes it super fast and algorithms will be executed in lightning speed.
As with smoothness the GTS V2 has a softer plastic and also I’ve put some thicker lube lube in there to give it it’s smoothness. The smoothness doesn’t give me 100% control but that is kind of a good thing. The control that it gives is just enough for me to execute algorithms fast but if I decide to go turbo full speed it will definitely make me overshoot or completely lose control over layer turns.

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2. Corner Cutting

Corner cutting on the GTS V2 is simply unnoticeable. Since the sound of the Weilong GTS V2 is somewhat loud or at least not quite, I can’t really notice or hear any corner cutting happening. This speed cube is naturally on a looser setting so just through that I know corner cutting will be unnoticeable. This good corner cutting lets me really focus on finding my next f2l pair and just lets me concentrate on the flow of the solve.


3. Catching and Lockups

I do get some catching with the Weilong GTS V2 but it is mostly due to my turning style. I am a fast and rough turner so usually smoother speed cubes will compliment my style. The smoothness of the GTS V2 is enough to allow me to execute fast but there are times where I just can’t help myself and just really go for it. It’s during these times that I will overshoot or even mis a layer turn in between algorithms. Thankfully the corner cutting of this speed cube is really good that it I see no catching whatsoever due to the puzzle design.


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Actual Solving

My times on the Weilong GTS V2 is really really good. I haven’t gotten any PB single solves although I got a couple of sub 9 solves which are really good. One thing I really like about this speed cube is how fast it is. Usually you want a mix of speed and control, although I notice with some solves using this speed cube I really have super bad f2l and a lot of pauses but I can execute algorithms really fast. My times wouldn’t be really fast but it would be around 12 seconds while if the same thing happened with a slower speed cube I would probably have a time of 14-15 seconds.
I am a little bit faster and more consistent with the GTS V2, I got sub sub 9.2x singe solves in a row which is something that never happens with me. I also notice the list of times with my averages of 12 and I got 12 11.xx averages of 12 out of 60.
Finally, the Weilong GTS V2 is super enjoyable to solve. During my review I usually do 1 average of 12 between sections, but with the Weilong GTS V2 I probably do 2-3 extra averages of 12. The reason I find it so enjoyable to solve is because of the speed and how it handles itself very well.

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It’s not really a mystery that I really like the Moyu Weilong GTS V2. It’s turning is the feature that really stands out with it’s super fast and light turning layers. It could use a little bit more smoothness but what it has is just fine and gives much control over layer turns. Corner cutting is simply unnoticeable, the speed cube does a great job in corner cutting without you even noticing which is what you want from a speed cube. Catching is there but it is mainly because of my turning style so if I address my turning style this will totally disappear. Finally, actual solving is where it all boils down to and I can say that actual solving is excellent. The fact is that I get faster times while being more consistent. There is no doubt that if a speed cube gives you fast times it is a great speed cube. To top it all off it is just super enjoyable to so solve which is the reason that the Moyu Weilong GTS V2 has become my main 3×3 speed cube.

The 2nd version of the Weilong GTS certainly fixed and improved upon the 1st version making the Moyu Weilong GTS V2 is such a remarkable speed cube. Super fast turners will absolutely love the speed the layers can turn and the corner cutting just flies under the radar doing it’s job without you noticing.

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