Moyu Sulong Review

Meet the Moyu Sulong, a speed cube with fast and light turning while being smooth. Corner cutting is done with very little pressure needed where there is no popping and practically no locking and catching. Continue reading this Moyu Sulong review to learn more.

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Turning and speed:

moyu-sulong-piecesoutboxThe most obvious feature you will see on this cube is that turning is very smooth. Each layer glides along very uniformly with the perfect amount of resistance. Due to its remarkable smoothness this gives the speed cuber 100% control during layer turn and algorithms. Control is quite an important quality when it comes to speed solving because the lack of control can cause lock ups, catching and pops.
The corner cutting abilities of the Moyu Sulong is very good. The way I distinguish a speed cube to be good at corner cutting is when I knowan algorithm executed needs corner cutting and I don’t feel the corner cutting. In other words a speed cube corner cuts well if it doesn’t affect the flow and fluidity of an algorithm being executed. I would have to say that a big reason for this good corner cutting would have to be how smoothly the Moyu Sulong turns. Each layer turns smoothly which allows it to handle mis aligned layers elegantly rather then locking up or even popping.



  •  very smooth turning layers which gives 100% control during algorithm execution.
  • a great speed cube out of the box, which is a big advantage if you are a beginner or don’t want to waste time breaking in a cube.
  • great value for money, this cube is sold just under $10 which is such a steal for the performance it has.

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  • the corner pieces tend to twist very easily, which can ruin a good solve and is very annoying.
  • cube turning on the Moyu Sulong is very smooth although it feels a little bit sluggish or mushy definitely not the fastest turning cube.

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moyu-sulong-outofboxThe Moyu Sulong is an incredible speed cube. It has a remarkably smooth turning feel which gives total control for the speed cuber during solves and algorithm executions. The smoothness of this speed cube has really helped out in corner cutting which this cubes handles very well. It’s pros clearly out weigh it cons since you can’t have lightning fast turning without sacrificing control which the Moyu Sulong does not lack in. Corner twist are annoying, it is easy to twist the corners although it doesn’t happen all the time, and once you get used to this cube it will eventually become a rare occurrence. The best part about this cube is the price. There are many speed cubes under $10 although the performance you get from the Moyu Sulong for that price is phenomenal.

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