Moyu Aolong V2 Review

As the third version of the successful Moyu Weilong the Moyu Aolong acts as the improvement to the Moyu Weilong. Welcome the Moyu Aolong V2 (Version 2) which then can be considered as an improvement of and improvement. Will these improvements make the Aolong V2 a better speed cube? Read on to find out.

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Moyu Aolong V2 Review

MoyuAolongV2 - boxcubeOut of the box the Moyu Aolong V2 is already a very good speed cube. It comes factory lubricated so layers will move nice and fast. The first feeling you will notice is that it is quite blocky with a clacky turning feeling. After a few solves the factory lube would have easily dried up making it significantly slower out of the box although by this time you will have noticed that when properly tensioned and lubricated this speed cube can be awesome.

During tensioning and lubrication I did notice significant amounts of flash present, flash being extra plastic that has formed when the pieces were created from the mold, but was easily cleaned by a razor. Getting the perfect tensions on the Moyu Aolong V2 is quite tricky because I noticed that the each side didn’t have equal tensions. Despite this proper tensions and lubrication is really essential to making this speed cube perform.

Breaking in the Moyu Aolong V2 is very quick and you will notice is it immediately. The blocky and clacky feeling will mostly go away once tensioned, lubricated and properly broken in which results in a very smooth turning feel. Speed however is not compromised for smoothness. The speed is there although it isn’t as fast as other speed cubes like the Fangshi Guanying but coupled with a smoothness it is really a great combination.

Corner cutting is quite good, you will hardly feel any corner cutting if you have accurate turning and fluid movements. However when you really give it the rough treatment by turning vigorously and super fast it will still execute corner cuts although it is more obvious. This feeling is quite strange and feels like the speed cube is vibrating in your hands.


MoyuAolongV2 - piecesout

  • Very Smooth
  • Very Fast
  • Very good out of the box

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MoyuAolongV2 - corecloseup

  • Can feel a little blocky
  • Misalignment can sometimes occur

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MoyuAolongV2 - boxcubepiecesoutThe Moyu Aolong V2 is a far improvement from the original Aolong and significantly better tamed in terms of control then the Moyu Weilong. The speed cube has a very unique combination of both smoothness and fast turning that very few speed cubes posses. The blocky and clacky feeling instantly disappears once proper tensions, lubrication and breaking in is achieved and at this point you will fall in love with the smoothness and turning speed. There are better corner cutting cubes on the market but the corner cutting abilities of the Moyu Aolong V2 is more then enough because the smoothness will carry you through it. Great smoothness that assists you with corner cutting and a fast speed that gets you those fast times makes the Moyu Aolong V2 an awesome speed cube!!

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