Moyu Aolong GT Review

Moyu Aolong GT




Corner Cutting


Catching and Lock Ups


Actual Solving



  • Fast turning
  • Hint of smoothness gives control
  • Nice weight and feel in hands


  • Falls short in corner cutting
  • Catches and Lock ups may occur

The Aolong GT is the updated version of the popular Aolong V2. It has new features that will increase it’s overall performance. Although will this be the case? The Aolong GT out of the box was a very good performer already. It seems like breaking in wasn’t really necessary because it had the same turning feel it did out of the box and after around 400 solves which is what I did to get this speed cube prepared for the review. Tensions were a little tricky because there is a very thin line where it is too loose that pieces will just pop out. I did find my preferences for tensions and wiped out any factory lube to relube it myself with 10k traxass silicone oil.


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Moyu_Aolong_GT_7The Moyu Aolong GT has fast turning layers. It doesn’t have super light turning layers though but that actually helps it by giving it some smoothness. This smoothness gives it the control it needs as a fast speed cube. It has a really snappy feel and during turns you will notice some clicking when layers aren’t perfectly aligned. Physically the Aolong GT feels rather large which makes it feel nice on the fingers. There is some weight to the layers also which really helps when you throw around layers during solves.

Corner Cutting:

Moyu_Aolong_GT_9This speed cube has okay corner cutting. The little bit of smoothness on the Aolong GT does save it from having to corner cutting but when it does need to corner cut you will really notice it. You will feel a rather strong “clack” and snapping into place of pieces. On extreme reverse corner cutting layers will actually get stuck in place which will ruin your solves. Overall corner cutting is really noticeable especially on executing alogrithms which you will really feel as if the cube is vibrating in your hands and quite noisy.

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Catches and Lock ups:

Moyu_Aolong_GT_12Due to the not so good corner cutting of this speed cube the Aolong GT will catch pieces and sometimes lock up. Granted this doesn’t happen on every solve but in an average of 12 it will happen 2-3 times. This usually happens on executions of algorithms where you go full speed and you can’t help layers being mis aligned. This will surely disrupt your solves and I’ve noticed that it will add 1-2 seconds to my solving time.



Moyu_Aolong_GT_8The Moyu Aolong GT has a fast turning style but still has a hint of smoothness to help give it some control. Depending on the size of your hands the size and weight of this speed cube is very ideal to give you pleasurable solves. Corner cutting falls short on this speed cube unfortunately. The Aolong GT leans more towards a very fast speed cube and the little smoothness it has doesn’t really save it from poor corner cutting. This poor corner cutting will result in catches and sometimes lock ups that will disrupt your solves and add a few seconds to overall solving time.

The Moyu Aolong GT is a sold performing speed cube that will get you fast times. It is a real shame that the corner cutting wasn’t a little bit better because if it was this speed cube would be amazingly good.

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