Maru CX3 Review

The Maru CX3 is speed cube that is a tad bit larger then other speed cubes. It has Fast turning which has a scratchy feeling and it is quite load. No popping whatsoever on this speed cube but layer may catch from time to time. Continue reading this Maru CX3 review to learn more.

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Turning and speed:

marucx3 - boxpiecesout2The Maru CX3 has layers that turn easily with minimal effort needed and it turns quite fast. This speed cube has a slightly scratchy feeling which gets reduced when broken in. Along with this scratchiness it is also quite loud with a “clacky” feeling. Locking and catching is no more problem on this speed cube since there is no problem of over shooting. Corner cutting is quite good which means it occurs without noticing.

The cube is a 57mm and you can really feel the size compared to other cubes. For speed cubers with larger hands, this speed cube will fit perfectly. The size may also affect how far your fingers will have to push each layer to complete a turn. This may be a problem with those with smaller hands, alternatively it can feel quite natural with those with slightly larger hands.

You do need to break this in as out of the box you can really feel and hear that scratchiness. Out of the box this speed cube is decent but it doesn’t take much solves to break this speed cube in and when broken in you can really feel and see the performance. A nice addition of the Maru CX3 is the included springs labeled “soft hearted” which are softer springs for additional tension adjustment and the companies special Maru lube which is a thinner more runny lube then silicone oil.


  • marucx3 - piecesExcellent balance of light and fast turning layers and cube control.
  • Feels quite nice in larger hands and quite comfortable for the fingers on layer turns.
  • Free Maru lube and a softer set of springs

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  • marucx3 - rightVery noisy speed cube
  • In terms of price it is on the higher end of the spectrum

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marucx3 - boxcubeThe ever so slight scratchy feeling coupled with the very light and fast turning gives you such an equal balance of cube control and speed. The control you have on the Maru CX3 is good enough to eliminate overshooting reducing layer catching and good overall algorithm executions. It is also fast and light enough to fly by those algorithms to achieve fast times.
This speed cube is not for everybody and since it is quite large at 57mm, those with smaller hands may have difficulty handling and performing well on the CX3. Additionally you wouldn’t want to be playing around with this speed cube in public areas since it is very loud and can be very annoying for others around you.
You may be surprised of the $14.99 price tag but what comes with the Maru CX3 speed cube is a small bottle of Maru lube which costs roughly $6 and an extra set of softer springs which can really come in handy so taking this into consideration the CX3 is actually very cheap. It sometimes can be annoyingly loud but the noise doesn’t affect performance and when it comes to performance you can’t ignore the Maru CX3 with a very unique balance of speed and control that other speed cubes find very hard to achieve.

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