Kungfu LongYuan Review

Kungfu LongYuan




Corner Cutting


Catching and Lock Ups


Actual Solving



  • Very fast and light turning Layers
  • Very budget friendly
  • Can be quite enjoyable to solve


  • Corner cutting is not very good
  • Catching is quite terrible

The Kungfu is a new speedcube by a new company which also has a 2×2 puzzle available. It is usually packaged with a box that has really vibrant colors and even comes with a cube stand. Unfortunately I got mine from a seller that has them packaged in bulk so I didn’t get any packaging or cube stand. It is very cheap and this just means it is meant to be sold in physical shops for passer-byes or for those who are just starting.

Out of the box:

The Kungfu LongYuan out of the box was really terrible. Layer were just catching and catching every other solve. A few solves in it was still terrible to solve but I managed to get used to the catching and new when to expect it. I really like the feeling it has little to no resistance between layer turns but the plastic feels really soft which gives it some smoothness. It has a nice blocky feeling and has a very hollow feeling to it.

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I only lasted 2 averages of 12 before I had to loosen the tensions. I figured the reason why it was catching so much was because the tensions were a bit too tight. I was right in my assumption because after loosening the tensions most of the catching disappeared. At this point the layers were really flying and were fast then out of the box. Catching also significantly decreased although is still there and quite unbearable when it happens. After the tenth average of 12 I decided that I should loosen it some more to see if I can get rid of that annoying catching. Catching did improve but of course didn’t totally go away, but at this point I was already very accustomed to the LongYuan and I managed to work around the catching. You are probably waiting for the lubing part, well let me tell you that I haven’t lubed the LongYuan yet. This speed cube is a very fast and light turning speed cube and with me having to loosen it so much to decrease catching it kind of doesn’t really need lube yet. I can feel though that this speed cube is the type that doesn’t go through lube so fast and eventually I would have to lube it but after 30 averages of 12 or 360 solves it’s still doing fine without it.


The Kungfu LongYuan is a fast turning speed cube with very light turning layers. It is very fast and light but what I am more surprised is that it is very smooth as well. With very loose tensions it still retains smoothness and control, unlike other fast and light speed cubes that when it’s adjusted to be very loose will be almost uncontrollable and impossible to speedsolve. I think the reason for so much smoothness is the plastic material used. I’m not sure if its color has anything to do with the type of plastic used but the color is almost matte and not shiny like other stickerless cubes which may give it some resistance between layers resulting in smoothness. This combination of speed and amazing control makes turning very very good.

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Corner Cutting:

Corner cutting is a bit strange for the LongYuan because a fast turning layer with very light turning layers means that any hiccup or tiny cut is very noticeable. The ever so reliable “clack” will let you know that it did a corner cut and the difference between lightly turning layers and the resistance of layers to create that “clack” is so big that it will disrupt your solve or distract your focus from look ahead to say the least. There are times however that this speed cube handles like a dream during corner cutting. Although I still notice that a corner cut happens I think little of it and totally doesn’t bother me leaving my concentration on lookahead and the whole solve itself.


Definitely the weakness of this speed cube is catching. Out of the box the LongYuan would have catching on every other solve. The worse thing about it is it seems that it is a product of poor design. I had to adjust it to a very loose setting for most of the catching to go away. The thing is that the frequency of the catching decrease but the severity of the catching was still the same. I guess this is the least evil and I had to live with it. I did get really used to the speed cube and the horrible catching that creeps up every now and then became a bit more bearable.


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Actual solving:

I didn’t get any personal bests or PB’s but I did get a very nice sub 9 second solve that I totally credit to it’s amazing turning abilities. The Kungfu LongYuan is very enjoyable to solve on those solves where catching doesn’t happen. On the other hand it’s a bit terrible to solve during the times that it catches. I do get fast times and it’s during these fast times that it’s very enjoyable to solve. Of course when it starts catching I find it terrible to solve and will guarantee me a slow solve. 



Turning on the Kungfu LongYuan is very fast and light but it’s smoothness gives you a lot of control this is the only thing that makes it enjoyable to solve this speed cube. Corner cutting isn’t bad but just barely unlike it’s catching which is just plain bad. With that being said I would say that the Kungfu LongYuan isn’t a bad speed cube, it is terrible to solve sometimes but when it is acts good and behaves it’s such a great speed cube. Super fast layers and very light turning combined with some resistance that creates control is the ultimate combination for me. It’s really a shame that the catching lets it down like that.

BUT! The Kungfu LongYuan is a budget speed cube at half the price of other speed cubes and the LongYuan has equal or better turning than those. I can’t say the LongYuan is a great speed cube even at it’s price but I can say that it is a great speed cube for its price and a real value for your money.

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