GuoGuan YueXiao Review

GuoGuan YueXiao




Corner Cutting


Catching and Lock Ups


Actual Solving



  • Super light turning makes for amazing speed
  • A dash of smoothness for total control
  • Great corner cutting


  • Catching occurs but only 2/100 solves
  • Lube dries out faster then other cubes

The YueXiao is a speed cube from a new brand called GuoGuan which is under the Moyu Company. The core is reminiscent of the the Gans 356 with the octacore and the corner pieces are have holes and are hollow very similar to the Moyu Huanying which explains why these two speed cubes feel similar. The YueXiao has the bright sticker shades of the Moyu speed cubes which I quite like and I especially love the GuoGuan logo on the center pieces which gives it a vintage feel similar to the logos of the early production Rubik’s Cubes.

Guo_Guan_YueXiao_14Out of the box the YueXiao is very scratchy although still quite fast. You will initially feel how fast this speed cube is and will notice that the scratchiness actually gives it much control. It didn’t really take much to break this in although after around 500 solves the scratchiness has mostly gone away but is still there. I wiped off little of what was left of the factory lube since hollow pieces means lube won’t last long and re lubed it with 10k Traxass silicone. At this point the GuoGuan YueXiao was perfect and a bit better out of the box since it was already good to start with.


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Guo_Guan_YueXiao_1The GuoGuan YueXiao is fast… super fast. This speed cube can be ranked up there along with the fastest speed cubes in the market. It has very light turning very little pressure is needed to turn layers. Despite how fast and light the YueXiao is it is still very controllable. You can still feel a hint of scratchiness which was more obvious out of the box. This hint of scratchiness gives it some resistance which gives it some smoothness. This smoothness is enough to give this speed cube much control during solves.


Corner Cutting:

Guo_Guan_YueXiao_8The corner cutting on the YueXiao is quite good. The speed cube is loose on default tensions which were perfect for me already. During Corner cutting you will hear a small “click” although you won’t really feel any change in tolerance in layer turns. Other then the small sound corner cutting is practically unnoticeable. The corner pieces have cutouts which reveals it’s hollowness similar to the Moyu Huanying which had very good corner cutting. This design obviously works to make a good corner cutting speed cube.

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Catching and Lock ups:

Guo_Guan_YueXiao_12There is practically no catching and lockup with this speed cube due to its structure. There are very rare times when you do get small catching and that is entirely due to user error. I find myself catching pieces when I try to execute algorithms too fast. It has to be kept in mind that the YueXiao is a super fast speed cube and when you try to execute algorithms too fast on a light and fast speed cube you will get catching. This is however very rare, which I found to be 2-3 in every 100 solves.



Guo_Guan_YueXiao_6The GuoGuan YueXiao has speed. It has such light turning layers which makes it super fast. Coupled with great speed, there is still a tiny amount of resistance in the form of scratchiness that is just enough that you can call it smooth. This smoothness will give you a good amount of control. Control is good with fast speed cubes because without control you get overshooting or layers coming short of alignment. Good corner cutting abilities of this speed cube just gives it that extra edge in performance since speed and control is nothing if pieces keep catching on each other and locking up.

Like all speed cubes the YueXiao has some problems. The corner pieces make for really good corner cutting although since it has a hollow design this speed cube will go through lube faster then other speed cubes. Despite this very small problem the GuoGuan YueXiao is a very fast yet controllable speed cube that is worthy to be your main speed cube.

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