GuoGuan YueXiao Pro Review

GouGuan Yuexaio Pro Review




Corner Cutting


Catching and Lock Ups


Actually Solving



  • Turning is lightning fast
  • Corner cutting is very good
  • Turning and corner cutting complement each other well


  • Catches creep up occasionally
  • Very clicky sound

It’s definitely a trend with speed cube manufacturers to come out with several versions of a successful puzzle only months after the previous version. It seems like GuoGuan isn’t following the trend because their first Yuexaio was released on January 2016. After a year and 8 months GuoGuan has finally released the second version of the their very successful YueXiao.

The GuoGuan YueXiao Pro is packaged much better then the first YueXiao with a really nice looking box a couple of adjustment tools a stand and a screwdriver. I didn’t understand how the adjustment tools worked and I still don’t know how they work until now since the manual doesn’t explain anything. The mini screwdriver is such a nice touch which makes adjusting super easy.

The GuoGuan YueXiao felt nice out of the box and didn’t take much to break in. I used this speed cube for about 10 days and probably half way I felt it was fully broken in already. I did a total of 100 averages of 12’s or 1,200 solves, adjusted tensions twice, and lubed twice before making this review.

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Out of the box:

Out of the box it was okay and leaning towards good. I was really annoyed with the catching which is the very first thing that came to my attention. This Guo guan really catches which isn’t that pleasant. While not broken in yet I felt a bit of smoothness in there. As I gave it a few solves and averages of 12’s I noticed a the strangest thing. It has a little bit of a clicky feeling and combined with the catching it sort of feels like a magnetic speed cube, very strange indeed.

As I did more solves and more sessions with the GuoGuan YueXiao Pro the catchiness and the clickiness sort of either subsided or I just got more used to it. Soon enough I was getting some good times and after some minor adjustments and the addition of some lube it was all set.

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Turning on this speedcube is amazingly fast. It’s been quite a while since I used the non “Pro” version of the GuoGuan YueXiao Pro but I can remember the speed of that puzzle so it wasn’t much of a surprise seeing how fast this version is.

Fast speed cubes with hard plastic tend to be super loud although the GuoGuan YueXiao Pro loudness is suppressed a bit by the smoothness it has. This smoothness is only slight but it does a very good job in giving control while turning.

Control is there but not plenty and with the speed of turning it’s very very easy to overshoot and under rotate.

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Corner Cutting:

The clickiness I mentioned above is the direct result of this speed cubes corner catching. A corner cut will really let you know it happened by producing an obvious “click” or “clack”. From the first time I used the GuoGuan YueXiao Pro up until it’s perfectly broken in, tensioned and lube this clicking will be there, but it is tolerable and it is just a sound. Aside from the sound I don’t feel or notice anything happening during corner cutting which makes it quite good. The YueXiao Pro has a bit of a loose feeling which may help out it’s corner cutting too.

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Catching and Lockups:

As with any premium 3×3 speed cubes today you won’t find any lockups here. What you can find with this speed cube however is a lot of catching. Catching isn’t that bad, it’s as harmless as the clicking sound you get during a corner cut but on some occasions I did screw up some algorithm executions or two. I think this is because of the loose feeling it has where it just takes a way any control you have and ends up screwing up some algorithms or turning flow.

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Actual Solving:

I really like solving on the GuoGuan YueXiao Pro. I took a little break from 3×3 speedcubing and I’m really glad this speed cube was up for testing because it’s really a joy to solve. I like executing algorithms as fast as I can and the speed that the YueXiao Pro has really complements my style.

I get very consistent times towards the later part of this review where it ranges from the low 12’s to low 13’s. Out of 100 averages of 12 I got 2 sub-12 averages, 1 full step low 9 second solve and 1 7 second skip.

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The pro version of the YueXiao and the first version are bit similar. The main similarity is the amazing speed it has. The speed this speed cube can offer is up there with the best and the small touch of smoothness gives you some control but just barely.

Corner cutting is simply very good and I really complements the speed it has because it is very forgiving with overshooting and under rotations that you will surely get due to the minimal control you have.

Catching can be annoying but at least it only creeps up sometimes.The catching is probably the biggest flaw this speed cube has because you really don’t want fast speed cubes to catch. The speed and imprecise turning really makes catching very messy and will absolutely ruin your solving flow.

All in all the GuoGuan YueXiao Pro is an amazing speed cube. Solving on this speed cube is an absolute joy and my times are very good too. My favorite thing about this speed cube is the combination of speed and corner cutting it has. The speed allows me to execute algorithms really fast while the corner cutting saves me from all the overshooting and under rotating that I get myself into.

The GuoGuan YueXiao Pro is a main contender in the 3×3 speed cube market and I absolutely recommend this speed cube.

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