Cong’s Design YueYing Review

Cong’s Design is the new branch of the Moyu Company which features speed cube designs by Cong. Cong has helped Moyu with some of their previous speed cubes. The Cong’s Design YueYing can be considered as the second version of the Moyu Liying. Has it been an improvement? Read further.

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Cong’s Design YueYing Review

CongsDesign - boxcubeInitially the Cong’s Design YueYing looked really cool. The box design is quite “cool” compared the more boring boxes of other speed cubes, and I must say, that logo is awesome. It is really a nice refreshing change from most speed cube logos which only consists of letters or Chinese words.

At first turn the YueYing is blocky and the feeling is quite heavy and slow. The speed cube comes pre-lubed from the factory so I can’t imagine how much slower and heavy this cube will feel without the lube out of the box. One thing that I really noticed was catching pieces and poor corner cutting abilities. After 5 averages of 12’s I realized that the YueYing would really benefit from loosening tensions and maybe cleaning out the factory lube and re lubricating.

After correct tensiosn and relubrication, the Cong’s Design YeuYing really did get faster. The sluggish feeling mostly went away and got replaced by smooth layer turns. This characteristic really helped with faster times because I could concentrate more on look ahead and less on struggling to turn each layers. The Yueying is very controllable and algorithms flow very nicely and fast but not as fast as other faster speed cubes.

This speed cubes corner cutting is quite interesting. With correct tensions corners can cut quite easily, with minimal to no effort needed, which is a characteristic of good corner cutting. Although, this corner cutting doesn’t happen every single time, there are some times when it seems like the pieces catch on to each other. After close examination it seems that the culprit is internal cut outs present in the corner pieces which helps the cube corner cut with little to no effort, however sometimes catches on each other causing disruption during solves.


FangshiGuanying - corecloseup

  • Very controllable
  • Good balance between speed and control

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FangshiGuanying - piecescloseup

  • Inconsistent corner cutting
  • Slower layer turns

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CongsDesign - boxpiecesout

The Cong’s Design Yueying can be a really good speed cube. There are other fast speed cubes on the market but the YueYing traded in some speed for control which is something a great speed cube should have. The YueYing only shines after proper tensions and correct lubrication but there are still some things the YueYing can’t improve on. The ease and effort needed to corner cut really improves after proper tensions although this is inconsistent where sometimes pieces catch internally and disrupts solves. This speed cube is not so fast although it is very controllable. However this speed cube could still be slightly faster while retaining it’s good control which can be seen in other speed cubes on the market.


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