Cong’s Design MeiYing Review

Cong's Design MeiYing




Corner Cutting


Catching and Lock Ups


Actual Solving



  • Super fast turning
  • Light layer turns
  • Execute algorithms in lightning speed


  • Bad corner cutting
  • Catching due to overshooting

The Cong’s Design MeiYing is the second 3×3 speed cube from the Cong’s Design Company. It shares many distinct features from the first YueYing but has many improvements as well. The MeiYing felt really good out of the box and the break in period was very minimal. I could have adjusted this after only 12 solves because it felt really good out of the box but I did 150 solves before doing any adjustments.While I was wiping out the factory lube I noticed that the tensions weren’t equal by looking at the screws attached to the core. I quickly tensioned all sides equally and applied 10k Traxxas silicone oil.

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Congs_Design_MeiYing_5The Cong’s Design Meiying is so fast! From the time of my first turns up until I tensioned and lubed this speed cube it is super fast. It has a scratchy dry feeling to layer turns and it is very crisp. It takes little to no effort to turn the layers of this speed cube. Executing algorithms with the Meiying is incredibly fast. The abundance of speed and lightness means that smoothness is lacking with this speed cube.


Corner Cutting:

Congs_Design_MeiYing_13The Meiying has okay corner cutting, barely. It can corner cut but you will really notice it. An obvious “click” or “snap” will let you know that layers weren’t aligned perfectly and corner cutting is needed. On extreme mis aligned layers it will actual fail to corner cut, this is more apparent with normal corner cutting rather then reverse corner cutting.

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Catching and lock ups:

Congs_Design_MeiYing_11There are no catching and lock ups on the Meiying due to design. However you will get a lot of catching due to user error. As mentioned earlier in the corner cutting section, when you attempt to turn extremely mis aligned layers, pieces will catch and you get stuck. This will disrupt the flow of your solve.

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Congs_Design_MeiYing_9The Cong’s Design MeiYing is unbelievably fast. It reminds me so much of the good old Dayan Zanchi with it’s fast and uncontrollable layer turns. Although let me tell you that the Meiying is faster and more importantly more controllable then the Zanchi. However like many super fast and light turning speed cubes the MeiYing suffers from overshooting which results in catching and lock ups. It is a big shame that the corner cutting abilities of this speed cube isn’t very good because if it were better it probably will solve the problem of catching due to overshooting.

Despite it’s bad corner cutting the MeiYing is such a wonderful speed cube to solve. While reviewing I found myself doing more solves then needed to write a solid review. Executing algorithms at full speed is such an awesome feeling. This does mean that I get fast times but it doesn’t translate into a fast average. I get really fast times but I also get slow times since overshooting leads to catching and lockups. Speed cubers with fast turning styles will really enjoy this speed cube although those who have more controlled and slower turning styles will have trouble with the lightning fast Cong’s Design MeiYing.

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