Qiyi Thunderclap Review

Qiyi Thunderclap

Qiyi Thunderclap



    Corner Cutting


      Catching and Lock Ups


        Actual Solving



          • Exceptionally smooth turning layers
          • Complete control results in precise turnign
          • A hint of speed is still present


          • Inadequate corner cutting
          • Catches are quite frequent


          The Qiyi Thunderclap is the predecesor of the Qiyi Bullfight or the repackaged Newisland Phoenix speed cube. It is part of the MoFangGe series created by Qiyi and similar to the Bullfight it comes with a carrying mesh pouch to store your speed cubes. Out of the box the Thunderclap didn’t perform too well. I noticed that corner cutting was horrible and when it fails to cut corners layers will simple just stop. Turning was also not very good, it felt really sluggish and took a lot of effort to turn which would result in under rotating and then failing corner cutting as mentioned above. After around 200 solves it did get better and only after I wiped off the factory lube and adjusted to a looser tension did it do remarkably well.


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          Qiyi_Thunderclap_8Layer turns are definitely smooth. You can really feel the layer glide along smoothly along it’s tracks. This smoothness gives so much control of the speed cube that you can really thrash layers around because there is no overshooting or under rotations. It has a slight clacky feeling that you get in faster speed cubes. This clackiness can really be seen when executing algorithms really fast and roughly.



          Corner Cutting:

          Qiyi_Thunderclap_13The corner cutting of the Thunderclap is decent but since it is such a smooth speed cube with so much control, the corner cutting is really enough for it not to be noticeable. You always get precise turns because there is no overshooting or under rotations so corner cutting is not noticeable. The Thunderclap seems to have a center piece design that is made as an anti popping feature, while this is good for anti popping this usually always results in poor corner cutting, as is the case of the Thunderclap.


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          Catching and Lock Ups:

          Qiyi_Thunderclap_11There is some catching and lock up with the Thunderclap and it is quite bad. Corner cutting isn’t that good with this speed cube and its smoothness saves it. Although at the rare times that it does overshoot or under rotate or the cuber simple misaligned layers, layers will catch and turns will stop. It won’t get stuck or lock up it would just stop and turns from being executed.




          Qiyi_Thunderclap_5The Qiyi Thunderclap may not be fast although it is such a smooth speed cube. It remind me a lot of the Shengshou Aurora which I gave much praise because of it’s smoothness. This smoothness results in such control of layer turns that you don’t have to worry about overshooting or under rotating layer turns. You do still get a hint of a fast feeling, unlike other very smooth speed cubes they tend to be rather slow. Great corner cutting isn’t needed with the Thunderclap since it’s very smooth although the corner cutting can use a little bit of work because misaligned layers will completely stop your solve.

          At such a good price and the included carrying pouch the Qiyi Thunderclap is a very good value for money with performance that can easily hang out with the big guns.

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