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**Updated on April 4 2016**

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If you are interested in starting speed cubing, a beginner or want to get give a speed cube as a gift, then you have come to the right place. There are hundreds of speed cubes on the market today and for someone who has just started speed cubing or wants to upgrade their old Rubik’s brand cube it is really confusing and tough to determine which is the best speed cube to buy today.

First of all lets start by explaining why you want a speed cube. If you are a beginner or just started speed cubing you may be using a regular store bought Rubik’s cube. Those cubes are fine for learning how to solve a Rubik’s cube but when you start wanting to get your times faster, a good speed cube is what you need.

I have provided an interactive comparison chart to show the absolute best speed cubes available for you today. The chart includes a description of the speed cube based on corner cutting, pops, lockups, and price.


Cong's Design Meiying

Cong's Design Meiying
Fast turning layersOkay, just barelyNoneCatching due to misaligned layers

Cong's Design Meiying Amazon Price Check

Dayan Guhong

Dayan Guhong
Very smooth, Quite FastGoodSeldomMinimal to none

Dayan Guhong Amazon Price Check

Gans 356S V2

Gans 356S V2
Very smooth and controllable layer turns.Excellent, one of the best.NoneSmall catches due to looseness in design.

Gans 356S V2 Amazon Price Check

GuoGuan YueXiao

GuoGuan YueXiao
Very fast and light turning layers.Very Good, due to hollow corner pieces.NoneSmall catches due to overshooting.

GuoGuan YueXiao Amazon Price Check

Moyu Aolong GT

Moyu Aolong GT
A perfect combination of fast and smooth layer turning.Good but nothing specialNoneCatches occur due misaligned layers.

Moyu Aolong GT Amazon Price Check

Moyu Weilong GTS

Moyu Weilong GTS
Very fast and lightOkayNoneLikes to catch and lock up

Moyu Weilong GTS Amazon Price Check

Moyu Sulong

Moyu Sulong
Fast and light while being smoothVery little pressure neededNonePractically none

Moyu Sulong Amazon Price Check

Moyu Tanglong

Moyu Tanglong
Blocky and smoothExcellentNoneVery small catches due to inaccurate turns

Moyu Tanglong Amazon Price Check

X-Man Tornado

X-Man Tornado
Super fast and very lightBadNoneLock ups due to overshooting

X-Man Tornado Amazon Price Check

***This Chart only shows 9 puzzles, the full chart contains over 25 puzzles*** 

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Before we can determine which 3×3 cube is the “best speed cube” we have to understand the features of a good speed cube. The whole point of having a good speed cube is to have a more pleasurable solve which will then lead to more consistent times and eventually a faster solving average. This means a speed cube must avoid popping, lock ups, catches while having smooth or fast layer turns but giving the speed cuber total control. There are also some extras qualities to look for in a speed cube.

Learn More: Qualities to look for in a speed cube


Here are the top picks from left to right

  • Moyu Aolong GT – “Excellent Feel with a mixture of both fast and smooth.”  See the full review
  • Gans 356S V2 – “Amazing corner cutting abilities with so much control.”  See the full review
  • GuoGuan YueXiao – “Lightning fast speed with a hint of smoothness for control.” See the full review

Here’s why

These speed cubes are three of the highest performing speed cubes you can get today. Either one of them can surely be your main speed cube although one will have better features then the other and of course one speed cube will prefer one over the other. I personally have thoroughly tested all these speed cubes and have made each of them my main speed cube at some point and I can say these three speed cubes are among the best I have every tried. Let’s talk about each one.

Moyu Aolong GT

Moyu_Aolong_GT_7The Moyu Aolong GT has very good turning layers. It has a mix of both fast and smooth which are two features that you have to have a compromise one or the other. The feel and weight of the layers are also very nice which makes a very good speed cube. The corner cutting though wasn’t that good; where you obviously would hear the corner cuts and on extreme cases you would get catching and lock ups.



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Gans 356S V2

Gans_356S_V2_7The Gans 356S V2 has amazing corner cutting skills. Corner cuts are quiet and very forgiving and the only time you will notice a corner cut is when it cuts an extreme turn where others would just get stuck. Coupled with very smooth turning the Gans 356S V2 is a great speed cube. The cube itself though feels a little untogether and loose which sometimes leads to little catches.



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GuoGuan YueXiao

Guo_Guan_YueXiao_5The GuoGuan YueXiao is really fast, thanks to its very light turning layers. Unlike many fast speed cubes this speed cube has some resistance in the form of a scratchiness in the layer turns which gives it the needed control. Combined with pretty good corner cutting abilities this speed cube will fly effortlessly. With very fast turning you will expect some overshooting which will causes small catches although this is a very small percentage of solves.



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The best speed cube is purely subjective and it’s really difficult to label just one speed cube being the best. I have employed my knowledge and skill of speed cubing with the rigorous testing of each speed cube I have come up with what I think the best speed cube is.

Out of the three speed cubes it seems like only one speed cube was being left behind. This 3rd place speed cube would have to be the Moyu Aolong GT. It may be the corner cutting that just can’t compete or the fact that it is limited by being a good fast speed cube and a good smooth speed cube but not being the best of either styles which a really top performing speed cube should be. So the battle is down to the Gans 356S V2 and the GuoGuan YueXiao.

It is quite difficult although the winner of “best speed cube” has to go to the Gans 356S V2. The Gans 356S V2 takes the lead in the corner cutting department. The GuoGuan YueXiao  has really good corner cutting although the Gans 356S V2 has remarkably better corner cutting than any other speed cube out there.


Turning styles with these two speed cubes are at the end of the spectrum but both are very good. Amazingly fast and amazingly smooth turning speed cubes will get you really fast times but if you had to go for one style it would have to be a smooth style. A fast turning speed cube would only cater to fast solvers while a smooth turning speed cube will cater to both and would actually benefit a speedcuber with a fast turning style. I consider myself to have a fast turning style which made me love the YueXiao at first although from the averages I recorded I found my times were faster on the 356S V2 then the YueXiao.

To top it off the Gans 356S V2 has so much more to offer because of what comes in its package that the GuoGuan YueXiao or any other speed cube fail to offer. There is an advanced version (which is the one I tested) that has half bright stickers but if you want normal shades the standard version has those. Inside the package you also get 3 sets of springs that will actually change the tensions and feel of your 356S V2 which makes for a highly customizable speed cube.

For these reasons the Gans 356S V2 takes the title of the best speed cube.

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What do you think?

Like I mentioned earlier the “best speed cube” is highly subjective and will depend on personal preference. Although I try to address every level of speedcuber and after thorough testing consider every feature, con and pro of every speed cube to try and come up with what I think exactly is the best speed cube as of this time.

I will try to do my best to update this section every 3 months as there are so many new speed cubes being developed today.

 Feel free to like, share and comment! Happy Cubing!